Western Canada’s Leading Light in Flamenco

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2018 La Monarca Tour Dates

Made in BC Dance On Tour – La Monarca

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Professional Training Program

Canada’s first professional training program in flamenco dance

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Rosario Ancer & Victor Kolstee

Through her works, Rosario Ancer has created a platform where flamenco and a new generation of flamenco artists can flourish in Vancouver, creating an eastward bridge that connects the wide national flamenco community.


Flamenco Rosario holds a mandate to develop dance, music works and dance artists, in both the authentically traditional and contemporary innovative styles of Flamenco. The company shares its passion for flamenco's raw, emotional power and disciplined musicality through performances, workshops and professional training across Vancouver.


Rosario Ancer Flamenco Arts Society (RAFAS) is an independent, non-profit society and a registered charity. A Volunteer board of directors runs RAFAS. RAFAS is the governing body of Flamenco Rosario Company and its Professional Training Program as well as Vancouver International Flamenco Festival.

La Monarca - Flamenco Rosario, 2015

Our current and past performances


Los Cuatro Vientos

Flamenco Ayer y Hoy

Mis Hermanas

Quadrilogue Affective

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