Annual General Meeting – April 26, 2015

Annual General Meeting

Rosario Ancer Flamenco Arts Society

Sunday, April 26, 2015

At 2083 Alma Street, suite 102

Vancouver, BC

Meeting called to order by Ian Metherell at 1:14 pm


Present: Sula Boxall, Kara Lawrence, Antonio Kolstee, Alejandra Hergert, Ian Metherell, Michelle Zaharik, Rosario Ancer, Victor Kolstee, Graham Allen, Sal Ferreras, Deni Delory, Yvonne Kolstee, Nevena Boskic, Laurie Gish, Barbara MacLellan, Barbara Picton, Claudia Losie, Yurie Kaneko, Janet Buckle, Keiko McArthur, Bonnie Stewart, Noriko Aramaki, Judith Ladanyi, Salma Ossareh

Call to Order: Ian Metherell

Approval of the agenda: Barbara Picton, Barbara MacLellan

Approval of the 2015 Minutes: Sula Boxall, Yvonne Kolstee


President Report:

Been a successful year this year- financially must better than last year. We have had new board members on the board this year, Sal, Barbara and Graham. We are making some changes this year; we are doing a 25th Anniversary Gala at the end of May, and a different layout for the festival this year. We will also do another Paella dinner in the backyard of Rosario and Victor. If anyone knows anyone who would be a potential donor or sponsor for the event to come and see what we do, we would like to build a list of people we know who would like to be a donor to RAFAS. Maybe they could be festival sponsors next year.

Artistic Directors Report:

This year Rosario and Victor along with many of the PTP girls did many community events and raised awareness of Flamenco in Vancouver. We also started the “In Studio Performances” at the Centro Studio here, small intimate performances with only 35 people, and it was a way to show off some of the guest performances in an intimate setting. The artists also have a chance to talk to the audience in a very interactive setting; we will do this more in the future. Quadrilogo: was started in 2014 at the Banff Centre, which led to this year’s performance at the Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby. It was challenging with 4 artistic minds, but it allowed for enriching artwork and a chance to develop themselves artistically. We want to include the In Studio Performances in the Festival and to include 3 of the PTP dancers who graduated from the program and give the program a bit of a rest this year and to start a mentorship program to guide new dancers to find out what it is they want to do with flamenco.

Cuadro Flamenco: Flamenco Rosario performances and the graduates of the PTP.

Grilo was a success last year at the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, his show and workshops were very well attended. We were disappointed with the low attendance at the Canadian guest artist’s performance this year, especially because they presented excellent shows. Many of the local performances of local artists were not well attended. We are going to make changes to the Festival next year so that we can funnel our energy where necessary. Rosario and Victor took a financial cut with fees to provide a better balance, so next year they would like to have better artistic fees.

Financial Report:

2014 – 2015 Flamenco Rosario Management Report

Submitted by Bastien Doria, Business Manager


Flamenco Rosario’s 2013-2014 artistic focus has been mostly devoted to the development of the new work “Quadrilogue Affective” in collaboration with Caroline Planté and Mariano Cruceta, a young up-and-coming duo co-based in Montreal, Québec and Madrid, Spain. Supported by a successful Canada Council Production Project Grant, production started a year ago in April 2014 through a 10-day artistic residency at the Banff Centre in Alberta. Flamenco Rosario is really excited to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such prestigious institution and benefited tremendously from its stay there with the Planté Cruceta Company. Final development of the “Quadrilogue Affective” work was scheduled through a second weeklong residency at the Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby, BC from last February leading to four successful Première presentations there from February 25 to February 28, 2015.

The work has received high accolades from both the audience and the presenter for its original four-part dialogue structure and stimulating intergenerational exchange of views on contemporary flamenco art. So much so that, at the time of this writing, we are happy to report “Quadrilogue Affective” is presently considered as a final contender to yet again tour the British Columbia province next Spring through the Made In BC Dance on Tour program, a feast and opportunity first explored with the “La Monarca” work in 2013. If chosen, it is our hope to similarly extend our touring activities in Alberta and Yukon, then possibly to the east in Ontario and Quebec to network in additional high caliber national presenters with a work that is indeed uniquely fitted to travel.

2015 VIFF

Festival wise, and as part of our more aggressive fundraising vision for the society’s 25th Anniversary, publicist Laura Murray of Laura Murray Public Relations has been hired in replacement of Jody Smith this year to coordinate the 2015 festival marketing strategy in a further reaching media campaign bringing premium coverage to the event. While this represents a substantial increase in advertising expense (about double our usual festival budget), we’re expecting a much more effective and thorough media presence from the expert work of Laura who has successfully handled larger Vancouver festival promotion, such as the Vancouver International Dance Festival, Bard on the Beach or the Vancouver International Film Festival.


Looking beyond this anniversary edition however, Rosario and I in consultation with the Board of Directors have started to plan a few important festival format changes for 2016 and 2017 impacting its overall length and programming. As a responsive and proactive organization that has taken the time to reflect on the festival’s continued growth in scope and duration of the past few years, we believe certain corrections need to be carried out in order to insure greater financial security and artistic success for what remains our most important yearly event. The goals of the proposed changes are to address a number of key attendance and budgetary issues reflected in the feedback gathered from our audiences, supporters and collaborators: they essentially aim at better optimizing the operating resources vested into the festival each year, while simultaneously bolstering attendance through festival program and schedule shifts. It is of course very important for us to make sure these planned changes remain in agreement with the grant eligibility criteria of the public funders that support our festival, which is why we recently concluded a round of preliminary talks with both Canadian Heritage and Canada Council officers, both of whom approved the proposed summarized changes below:

– Shorter Festival Schedule: a shorter 5 to 6-day festival schedule can be implemented to condense our dance and musical presentations, as well as our community engagement activities into a single week. Many other dance and arts events now compete with our festival since its moving to September dates, making it harder for us to sustain Vancouver audiences attention onto the course of 2 weeks as it presently is. This of course also draws supplemental presentational cost in terms of advertisement and artistic expenses (per diem, accommodations). The idea is to “pack” a stronger media and event punch within a shorter time allowing our festival greater presence and visibility before and during its occurring dates.

– Simplified Programming Choices: many supporters and attendants often can’t afford to come to all our proposed festival presentations. This isn’t due to a lack of interest, but rather to practical and economical realities. This is most witnessed in the weaker houses registered at the Waterfront Theatre while programming out-of-province Canadian performers during weekdays. We’re therefore thinking of offering instead 2 big presentation nights at the Vancouver Playhouse over the same weekend, each combining multiple artistic levels (international, national and local presentations). We think that the switch to this larger venue and comprehensive programming will lead to better houses able to net out similar, if not greater, overall box office revenues.


Rosario and I have worked diligently through the year with Canada Council officers Rochelle Hum (Festival Supports Grant) and Martin Bélanger (Production Project Grants) at optimizing the support received from Canada Council following 2013’s complications. We were thus successful in securing $22,000 toward “Quadrilogue Affective”, a welcomed financial relief after the first Banff Centre artistic residency last April. Festival support in the meantime has remained stable with both contributions from Canada Council and Canadian Heritage unchanged ($6,000 and $15,000).

With the Company’s production budget coming back into balance, we also focused our efforts with the help of the Board at large to draft and implement a long-term strategical vision of revenues diversification combining refocused Board fundraising proficiencies, updated sponsorship packages now comprising event-wide corporate sponsorship positions, and a thorough analytical process engaged through successive Annual General Meetings and strategic planning meetings on April 27 and September 28, 2014, the later piloted by Dance Centre Executive Director Mirna Zagar.

Flamenco Rosario also engaged consultations with the Vancouver Foundation to study the creation of an endowment fund as part of the Canadian Heritage Department’s Endowment Initiatives program. A first meeting was held on October 17, 2014 with Kim Macphee, Development & Donor Services Manager at the Vancouver Foundation, and Samantha Smith, Canadian Heritage’s program liaison there to discuss the eligibility and feasibility of adding such new long-term fundraising tool to the society’s financial assets.

Operating wise, our efforts to justify and secure increased contribution from BC Gaming, the BC Arts Council and the City of Vancouver through full application processes this year were not met with committed funding from all bodies remaining at similar levels than last year ($35,000, $18,000 and $10,000 respectively). In the case of the BC Arts Council and the City of Vancouver, their recent switching to streamlined online applications coupled with biennial funding cycles resulted in very conservative outcomes, i.e. rolling over of their budget envelopes and recipients contributions. Next cycle in 2017 should present greater chances to see our operating support from these increase slightly. On the private revenues end, we thank again the Simon’s Foundation renewed support this season without whom the bulk of our artistic and educational activities wouldn’t exist as it is, as well as its dedicated generosity toward our Artist In Residency program thus funded in its entirety.

Other recently completed grant submissions include an application with the Koerner Foundation (March 2015) to support the production of the 2nd part of Flamenco Rosario’s historical flamenco presentation “Fast Forward Rewind” next September, a similar production grant for the same project with Canada Council.

Other upcoming grant submissions include Canadian Heritage’s Presenters’ Fund for the 2016 and 2017 years (new cycle). Reports wise we have approaching due dates for Canada Council’s Project Grant for “Quadrilogue Affective in June, as well as our yearly statement to BC Gaming at the end of May.

Motion to accept Financial Statements: Sal Fererras, Laurie Gish

Election of the Board of Directors

We have a few members who have completed their term and stepping down from the Board: Nelson Kennedy, Marilyn Bild

We have a few new board members joining the board: Claudia Losie

We would like to pass a motion to accept these new members.

Antonio Kolstee and Graham Allen

Special Resolutions:

No special Resolutions. No Questions and No Comments

Other Business:

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm.

Sunday April 26, 2015, at 1 pm

Centro Flamenco Dance Studio
102 – 2083 Alma Street, Vancouver 
(at Jericho Village – Alma & 4th Avenue)

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Please note that this year our annual volunteer party will take place after the meeting!