Los Quatro Vientos

Los Cuatro Vientos tells the story of Canada’s development into a pluralistic society. It refers to “The Four Powers” or “Four Directions” an aboriginal belief –shared by several cultures around the globe—that there are gifts or powers, coming from different wind directions that contribute to the Circle of Life. The characteristics of each of the “powers” which remarkably resemble those of the immigrants that came to Canada, were the inspiration for the choreography (which has elements of contemporary dance) and the music for each piece. The underlying meaning of the show is to honour the beauty that can be developing when different cultures come together. Very appropriately, this beauty is celebrated by Flamenco, which itself is the exciting result of the blending of cultures.

Los Cuatro Vientos is our collective story.

The West

The Beginning, The Birth of Man
Inspired by the legend of the West Coast Haida People
Quest for Vision, Place of Introspection,
Looking within One’s Spirit
Its colour Black, its gift Rain

The North

The first immigrants, Europeans
History, Sophistication, Entrepreneurship, Wisdom
Its colour White, its gift Strength and Endurance

The East

Immigrants from the Far East and the Middle East
Tradition, Spirituality, Grace
Its colour Gold, its gift Light

The South

Immigrants from Africa and Latin America
Passion, Innocence and the Quest for freedom
Its colour Red and Green, its gift Warmth and Growth

Cultures Coming Together

Finale, celebrating the Beauty of Pluralism