Mexican-born, Spanish-trained ROSARIO ANCER launched her professional career in Spain in 1980, when she joined Ballet Español Antonio del Castillo with whom she toured throughout Portugal, Italy, and Northern Spain. In 1981, she was invited to perform in the prestigious Tablao Flamenco Arco de Cuchilleros in Madrid and later toured Mallorca and South East Aisa with the Paco Mundo and Maria Velasquez Dance Company.

VICTOR KOLSTEE has studied with a number of outstanding guitarists, most notably Diego and Paco del Gastor, Justo de Badajoz and Victor Monje ‘Serranito’. In 1979 he moved to Spain where he met Rosario Ancer. They married in 1982 and shortly after joined El Ballet Español Maria Velasquez y Paco Mundo that took them to Mallorca, Bangkok and Moscow. Victor performed regularly in Café de Silverio in Madrid, Penas Flamencas, private fiestas, Spanish radio and television and with Lolo de Cadiz and ‘Los Brindis’.