Dialogue Extended

As anyone who runs a family business knows, it’s not always easy to leave work in the office and not bring it home! This is especially true in the performing arts, where many marital love boats have ended up broken on the reefs of great expectations—to later pick up the pieces and create magic on the stage.

In Dialogue Extended, traditional female/male roles are challenged as the domestic gets in the way of the artistic. Intertwining artistic, relational and personal facets of our respective engagement in flamenco art, the performance is conceived as a six-part dialogue between three couples at opposite stages of their professional careers and an intergenerational exchange of shifting views in movement. The artists re-visit their shared experience as they try to find the balance between their domestic and artistic lives.

artistic director Rosario Ancer

musical director Victor Kolstee

choreographer, dancer Rosario AncerMariano Cruceta, 
Marién Luévano

flute Gloria Solera

violin Ulises Martínez

singer José Díaz ‘El Cachito’

guitar Alfredo Millán, Victor Kolstee, Davide Sampaolo

lighting designer Sara Smith

visual designer Tim Matheson

stage manager Ingrid Tambolin

sound designer Stephen Darke