creative residency

Each year we offer emerging and mid-career flamenco dance artists an opportunity to research and develop a creative idea with the help of an experienced mentor.

We’re excited to announce Nikki Saadat as our 2021 creative resident and Cristina Hall as mentor.

Nikki Saadat began her flamenco dance education in Seville, Spain seven years ago and has studied under prominent teachers such as Leonor Leal, Alecia Marquez, Ramon Martinez and Tamara Lopez. She continues to study flamenco in Vancouver, Canada, teaching classes and performing in local restaurants and schools. Nikki is particularly interested in studying flamenco’s Middle-Eastern influences and in 2020 was awarded CCA funding to create and record a choreography Exposed Roots: A Persian-Flamenco Ensemble.

Cristina is a flamenco artist of uncommon artistry, technique and vision. She shapes her art with rigor, innovative creativity and passion: