La Monarca

The monarch butterfly’s sleepy transformation from its caterpillar stage is akin to how I felt when I began researching La Monarca: The Monarch and the Butterfly Effect. It was as if I was emerging from an artistic metamorphosis and awakening to a renewed life of creative maturity with its freedom to embrace risks.

La Monarca reflects on my continual motion, travelling between mexico where I was born; Spain, the mecca of Flamenco; and Canada, my new home. Being a migrant between three homes reminded me of the recurrent autumn pilgrimage of the monarch butterflies between Canada and Mexico. How do they do it? It’s not difficult to guess; it’s connected to survival. The monarch’s cycle of life and constant migration gave me a understanding of this unique and magnificent creature and provided me with an insight into my own motivations and driving force.

La Monarca is a very personal work: emotional, and resonant with the meaning of my life. It ties into many elements that I have been interested in developing over the years, growing from diverse inspirations, small experiments, past collaborations, and even some large successes on my journey. I look at these antecedents, seeing some that grew, unexpectedly, from small ideas—a minor movement and a vision just glimpsed—brought together into this new work, emergent, beautiful and unexpected: the butterfly effect.