Los Cuatro Vientos

...tells the story of Canada’s development into a pluralistic society. It refers to The Four Powers or Four Directions, an aboriginal belief, shared by several cultures around the globe, that there are gifts or powers coming from different wind directions that contribute to the Circle of Life. The characteristics of each of the powers were the inspiration for the choreography and music of four distinct sections.

The underlying meaning of the show is to honour the beauty that can develop when different cultures come together. This beauty is also celebrated by Flamenco, itself an exciting blend of cultures. Los Cuatro Vientos is our collective story.

artistic director, concept, choreographer, dancer Rosario Ancer

musical director, guitarist Victor Kolstee

script Consultant Dominique van der Meer Mohr

musical composition, arrangements Victor Kolstee, Caroline Planté

guest artists, choreographers, dancers  Mariano Cruceta, Carmen de Torres, Barbara Bourget, Jay Hirabayashi

dancers Bonnie Stewart, Afifa Lahbabi, Alice Gerbrecht, Mariko Aramaki, Kara Lawrence, Denise Canso

guest guitarist Caroline Planté

guest Singer Antonio de Jerez

percussion Mariano Cruceta
production manager Larisa Fayad

stage manager Sarah Allinger

lighting designer Gerald King

technical director, Norman Rothstein Theatre Derek Mack

publicity, marketing Jodi Smith

photographer Adam Smith

videographer Jamie Griffiths